The Muthesisus University has produced a series of publications which document and advance the research, teaching and practical events of the school.

A selection of recent publications…

mash UP

An Experiment with Collage. By Lisa Kolbe. Muthesius Academy: Kiel 2014. ISBN 978-3-943763-28-7

A Magazine about Fashion and Identity. No.1.

Reihe Ultrazinnober VI. Hagen Verleger (ed.). 130 S. 24 Text- und Bildbeiträge u.a. von Alba D’Urbano, Dennis Eichmann, Theresa Georgen, Eva Hartmann, Nina Heidemann, Antje Krause-Wahl, Omar Nicolas, Stefanie Polek, Dirk Reynders, Änne Söll, Barbara Vinken. In preparation. ISBN 978-3-940258-14-4.

Einblick / Ausblick 2013. [“Insight / Outsight” 2013]

Annual Catalogue of the Muthesius Academy. Text + Imagebook. 154 S. ISBN 978-3-943763-21-8

Basis Unchained.

Catalgoue of the Basics Class in Fine Arts. 80 p. + numerous images. July 2013.

Beyond Site.

Kerstin Abraham, Laura Garbers, Lena Kaapke, Yeongbin Lee. Kiel 2013. 36 p. numerous images, Eng./Ger. 978-3-943763-23-2.