Muthesius Projects

The academic relevance of the creative professions should not be underestimated. Creative minds influence the economic strength of a region decisively. They are also create social change and culture. Correspondingly, it is important to show and offer students of the Muthesius the local perspectives for business start-ups during their studies. Through the development of a Muthesius project students can demonstrate their particular artistic/design skills by independent contribution, the proof of which is given by the project itself and a presentation. The Muthesius University certifies the completion of the projects with: »Graduate of a ‘Muthesius Projectʼ«. The projects are normally scheduled to last two, a maximum three years.

Commission for Muthesius Projects

President Dr. Zerbst 1 representative of each course, of the academic staff and of the students of Spatial Strategies Prof. Schulz/ Prof. Fromm Industrial Design Prof. Dr. Möllring Prof. Jacob Communication Design  Prof. Egger Prof. Sasse Fine Arts Prof. Wagner Prof. Dr. Abraham Academic Staff Christian Engler Jens Ewald Students Henrike Schröder/  Michelle Kunatz Centre for Media Prof. Duscher Prof. Sachs Institute for the Sciences of Art, Design and Media Prof. Dr. Meyer/  Prof. Dr. Kruse

Questions on Muthesius Projects?

Dr. Arne Zerbst (president)
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