Language and Form

In a word

“Language is a method  – unique to humans, not rooted in instinct – to convey thoughts, feelings and desires by means of a system of ramdonly created symbols.” – Edward Sapir (1921)

“Since the spiritual being of mankind is language itself, it cannot inform via language but only in language.” – Walter Benjamin (1916)

In Communication Design, “language and communication” is an independent course of study. Language is introduced as an instrument with which we can design or form an eye-catching, relevant and effective message from a simple piece of information. The typography shows equally possible how language can take on form. In the field of Strategic Communication, students learn to include language in other sign systems in order to find new, impressive and often surprsing communication solutions. This is valid for commissions from the areas of cultural social and economic communication. In addition to systematic, target-oriented work with language there is also an extended range for free and artistic work with elements and ideas. The question of what language is should remain asked rather than answered, on the other hand used literally and wastefully rather than purely for understanding. After having learnt the fundamentals in the first few terms, there is opportunity in the projects of more advanced terms to develop one’s own individuality and formation, i.e. a personal style, and characteristic and creative design personality and in doing so intensify specific abilities word for word.


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