Schau der Muthesius Preisträger*innen in Eutin

18.05.-30.06.2019, Di.-So. 11.00-17.00 Uhr
Die Ausstellung läuft bis zum 30. Juni 2019
Schloss Eutin


Die Filmklasse präsentiert den nichtsilbernen Hering

der nichtsilberne Hering

Am Donnerstag, den 9. Mai 2019 nimmt die Filmklasse unter Leitung von Prof. Stephan Sachs am Hochschultag des Filmfestes Schleswig Holstein in der Kieler Pumpe teil und zeigt um 15.30 Uhr ein Filmprogramm mit einer Vielfalt an experimentellen Kurzfilmen von Saleh Shaweesh, Daria Kovalenko, Laura Carlotta Cordt, Eugenia Bakurin, Jessica Dahlke, Stina Kurzhöfer, Fenna Tabea Stücker, Hyunsuk Yi, Arturo Sayan, Nina Hartmann und Achim Kirsch.

Um 20.00 Uhr wird im Rahmen der Eröffnungsfeier der Filmfestes der offizielle Filmpreis der Muthesius Kunsthochschule, der nichtsilberne Hering unter den Teilnehmern verliehen. (...)

Weitere Meldungen

Mareike Gast „dispose – reuse – recycle Strategien, Schwierigkeiten und Potentiale in der Entwicklung von nachhaltigen Produkten“

Donnerstag, 18. April 2019 um 14.30 Uhr,
Kesselhaus der Muthesius Kunsthochschule,
Legienstraße 35, Kiel
Eintritt frei!

Auf Einladung von Dr. Annika Frye und Julia Dankmer wird Mareike Gast, Professorin für Industriedesign an der Burg Giebichenstein/Halle am 18. April Fragestellungen rund um die Entwicklung nachhaltiger Produkte zur Diskussion stellen.


Aktuelle Arbeiten


Theoretical education at an art university poses a challenge to scientific theory and practice, since it is nothing other than testing their possible relevance to practice. Scientific foundations of design are therefore not an end in themselves for the promotion of art and design but represent a kind of bridge between non-reflective product design, unconscious genius aesthetics and the scientific ivory tower. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to develop a specific form of scientific work as a pragmatic theory for art and design. This will probably be oriented more towards the scale of a complex problem awareness than the normative idea of a binding canon of the academic content of design. This is exactly what has been tried often enough in the history of design and has always failed.
The study of “Aesthetics” at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design should first critically summarise the individual theoretical fields of art and design studies, i.e. art and design history, communication and media theory, supplemented by general aesthetics and the sociology of art. In addition to introductory events and basic seminars, an attempt is made to consider current questions from design practice. The goal is the equal reflection and justifiability of individual student projects, as well as the competent assessment of one’s own creative work. The teaching aims at the competent handling of results of different reference sciences, without suppressing the meaningful difference between design or creative thinking and academic modes of access. At the university, the offer is to be supplemented by a regular seminar on media theory for all study courses. Topics range from media philosophy, the history of photography and film to the aesthetics of new digital media.
Prof. Dr. Norbert M. Schmitz
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Mobile: 0170 – 99 67 689
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