Annual exhibition Einblick / Ausblick from 18 to 21 July

How do art and design students work and research? The Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel is opening its doors from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 July for its annual exhibition “Einblick Ausblick “. During these days, studios, workshops, lecture theatres, studios and workspaces will be transformed into an exhibition covering around 10,000 square metres: guests can gain unique insights for four days with free admission: More than 600 students from the Fine Arts, Art for Teaching at Grammar Schools, Communication and Industrial Design and Spatial Strategies degree programmes will be showing the projects they have created during the academic year. Visitors to the art academy can find out about the artistic and creative work in art and design – (...)

Apply now!

Anyone wishing to study at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design from the winter semester 2024/25 can apply from 1 to 15 May. You can apply online. All relevant information on the application process for Bachelor’s and Master’s students can be found here. The link to the digital application portal will also be published here from 1 May.

The only art college in Schleswig-Holstein offers Bachelor students a selection of art and design degree programmes: There are Communication Design, Industrial Design, Scenography / Interior Design, Fine Art and Art Teaching at Grammar Schools. The Master’s degree programmes in Communication Design, Spatial Strategies, Fine Arts, Art Teaching at Grammar Schools and two different Master’s programmes in Industrial Design are also offered: Medical Design and Interface Design. (...)

From 20 to 23 July, the annual exhibition “Einblick / Ausblick” is celebrated

It is a lavish celebration full of art and design: for the annual exhibition Einblick / Ausblick, the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts opens its doors from Thursday, 20 to Sunday, 23 July. On these days, studios, workshops, lecture halls and workrooms will be transformed into an exhibition of around 10,000 square metres: for four days, visitors can gain an insight into the artistic work of students of free art, art for teaching at grammar schools, communication and industrial design as well as spatial strategies. The motto of this year’s Einblick / Ausblick is networking.

“The Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts is a place of culture and a place of social encounter, (...)

Weitere Meldungen

New release: Ephemer.

  With contributions from: Barry Bermange, Gabriele Brandstetter, Danica Darkic, Martina Dobbe, Martin Dornberg, Hinderk M. Emmrich, Daniel Fetzner, Yael Kaduri, Annette Le Fort, Angela (...)

Aktuelle Arbeiten

EU Projects

art-based research/research-based art

Together with the Muthesius University, in 2008, radius of art started the project art-based research / research-based art. Additional partners were the University of Ulster in Belfast, the International Academy of Art Palestine in Ramallah, the Maumaus Escola de Artes Visuais in Lisbon, 98 Weeks from Beirut in the Lebanon and 5533 from Istanbul. The curator was none other than Adrienne Goehler. Together a discourse of professional artists with artistic, academic and political instututions was set in motion. The results can be read in the publication “Thinking the City – Acting the City. Art in urban public space.” The project office radius of art in the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Schleswig-Holstein conceives, develops and implements diverse cultural programmes in the fields of art and society. Additionally, there are events and lectures as well as a courses and projects in the areas of Fine Arts, Music, Literature, Film and Acting.


Anke Müffelmann / radius of art
T 0431 / 9066 – 130 or – 136

Idea Garden

Together with media teaching at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität, the Technischen Hochschule Zürich, Aalborg University and the toymaker LEGO from Denmark, the two Austrian companies FH OÖ Forschungs- & Entwicklungs GmbH (MIL) and EOOS Design GmbH, and the Foundation for Research and Technology from Greece communication designers at the Muthesius University are currently working in the project team “Idea Garden” established in November 2012 for a period of three years.The aim of the project is the development of interactive teaching environments for the promotion of creativity. Initially, the creative processes were investigated in the development departments of the participating companies and the creation of creative solutions observed in the seminars of the Muthesius University.


Prof. Tom Duscher
T 0431 / 5198 – 478, E
Prof. Frank Jacob
T 0431 / 5198 – 475, E
hristoph Eichhorn
T 0431 / 240 34 80, E

HANC – Healthy Ageing Network of Competence

Under the leadership of the SDU – Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, this project brought together the Muthesius University, the Univeristies of Applied Sciences in Kiel and Flensburg, the State Association for Health Research in SH e.V. and the WelfareTechRegion, the Odense University Hospital and the SDU – Forskerservice. The start of HANC was in January 2013 and the end in December 2014. The mission of HANC was firstly in the collation and use of new knowledge in the field of “Healthy Ageing”. This knowledge was to be transformed into tangible products and services for the active ageing of citizens in the region.

redefining safety – Designing for Age

The superordinate question of motivation served as the starting point for the project work of the Muthesius University in the HANC project: how can one motivate older people to lead an active and healthy life? The type of question required the explanation of basic ideas, e.g. “being old”, “getting old” and “motivation”. The work was based on the one hand on the understanding of age in its diversity and complexity and on the other on the investigation of possible approaches to motivation.


Prof. Detlef Rhein
T 0431 / 5198 – 430, E
Prof. Frank Jacob
T 0431 / 5198 – 475, E
Elliot Silva M.A.
Medical Design
T 0431 / 5198 – 458, E
Jutta Hansen M.A.
T 0431 / 5198 – 458, E
Benjamin Overhoff B.A.
Industrial Design