Help for art and design students from Ukraine

Art and design students from Ukraine are welcome at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. In order to build a creative bridge, we have enabled a fluent transition for refugee students. We are open to working out individual solutions together which are adapted to the respective situation of Ukrainian students and which allow them to continue their artistic and design work as quickly as possible. This is carried out in direct consultation with the responsible professors. The Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design welcomes the helpfulness, solidarity and participation of its students, teachers and staff.

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Presidential Board decided to admit students from Ukraine to the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in an unbureaucratic and simplified manner. (...)

New Students Application Procedure May 2022

Dear international applicants please note:

All international applicants have to register at Uniassist first to have their documents, diplomas and certificates checked before handing in their application documents to Muthesius directly.

The Uniassist platform is open from 25th February 2021 to 25th of April 2022 for the start of study in October 2022.

Further information on the next steps for your application at Muthesius Kunsthochschule are available on the website.

If you have any questions please use the listed contacts.


Weitere Meldungen

New release: Ephemer.

  With contributions from: Barry Bermange, Gabriele Brandstetter, Danica Darkic, Martina Dobbe, Martin Dornberg, Hinderk M. Emmrich, Daniel Fetzner, Yael Kaduri, Annette Le Fort, Angela (...)

Aktuelle Arbeiten

Organisation of the Academy


The administration of the Muthesius University is headed by the chancellor. It is tasked with regulating affairs regarding the budget, personnel and study courses.

Chancellor N.N. (director)
Room 02.03, T 0431 / 5198 – 409, E

Gisela Rosenthal (secretary’s office)
Room 02.04, T 0431 / 5198 – 411, E


Open Mon–Do 10:00–12:30 hrs, Mon–Thur 13:30–15:00 hrs


Silvia Rosenberger (head)
General advice for German and foreign students.
Room 01.05,  T 0431 / 5198 – 413, E

Sophie Schultz
Secretary’s office for students, admissions office, information on study courses.
Room 01.03, T 0431 / 5198 – 414, E,

Katrin Josam
Examinations office for the bachelor’s degree programmes, information on bachelor’s degrees.
Room 01.07, T 0431 / 5198 – 404, E

Maud Zieschang
International office.
Room 01.04, T 0431 / 5198 – 501, E
Mon to Thur, 10:00–12:30 hrs, Tues, Wed 13:30–15:00 hrs. Appointment on request!


Sabine Gärtner
Post office, switchboard.
Room 02.02, T 0431 / 5198 – 400, E

Martin Rösner
IT affairs of administration and maintenance of technical equipment.
Room 01.02, T 0431 / 5198 – 426, E

Gisela Rosenthal
Room 02.04, T 0431 / 5198 – 411, E

Bernd Fischer
Facility manager.
“Kesselhaus” basement room .09, T 0431 / 5198 – 405, E

Friedhelm Gärtner
Administration archive.


Nicole Zimmermann (Head)
Financial matters, investments, third-party funding.
Room 01.09, T 0431 / 5198 – 418, E

Stefan Pöting
Accounting office, procurement, academic and research travel, excursions.
Room 01.08, T 0431 / 5198 – 412, E

Liza Behrens
Room 01.08, T 0431 / 5198 – 412, E


Bente Clausen (Head)
All personnel affairs of the employees and staff at the Muthesius.
Room 01.10, T 0431 / 5198 – 410, E

Melanie Leßmann
Attendance and term reports,
 holiday and sickness, internships, accident reports, contracts for student assistants.
Room 02.05, T 0431 / 5198 – 402, E


An equality concept has been established at the MU. The university regards the promotion of the reconciliation of family and career as a particularly important task. The equality officer is Prof. Christiane Kruse.


Employees’ councils see to it that the basic rights of employees are adhered to. There are two councils at the MU: one for non-academic staff (Maike Schulken (chairwoman), Katrin Josam, Lars Busack) and one for academic staff (Michael Zierke(chairman)).


Gisela Rosenthal
Room 02.04, T 0431 / 5198 – 411, E


The MU has its own refectory in the “Kesselhaus” (operated by Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein [Student Services Authority]), which prepares and serves fresh meals on workdays. It has been certified by the German Institute for Communal Meal Services. There are normally up to three or four daily meals to choose from, including vegetarian and vegan meals.

Maike Brzakala
T 0431 / 5198 – 463,