In the study of painting at the Muthesius University, students are made aware of the different methods of image creation via talks, seminars and practical instruction. Images can represent or depict the world; they can relate to other images, they can call up a surreal or metaphysical world. Images can announces ultimate truths or rebel against any alleged truth. They can tell us something about their own perception, about society we live in, or about the cosmos. In doing so, their materiality also plays a significant role – in the question of the possiblility and boundaries of the image, and in the practice of the image creator. Painting can deal with the oldest materials with which people have ever communicated – or even with the newest. Images can be created by a brush and colour on a canvas, paper or other media, by printing or by computer. Images can be still photographs or in motion; and they can even be found in our heads. In the study of painting, students experiment with and develop their individual artistic possibilities. The exchange with the teaching staff and other students makes clear that painting is created together and with the world in talking about past and present images. In group talks, the students learn to present and fromulate their own works. The talks with others enables constructive criticism and new perpective of their development. Individual talks wth the professors should help the students to see their own questions more clearly, and give them further hints. Practical courses introduce the basics of painting, photography, photo-collage, performance etc. Traditional techniques of oil painting, tempera etc. on different media are demonstrated in our workroom by a member of staff. The students of painting can also gain practical experience in the other workshops at the Muthesius, e.g. in the workshop for creative printing techniques, the media workshop and the photogrpahic workshop. In the accompanying seminars, we deal each term with a central theme, for which we invite guest lecturers and teachers, create workshops, work on exhibtions and prepare publications in cooperation wiht the Publications Office. The Muthesius University offers many possiblilites for cooperation with other fields of study or other institutes of higher education.

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