The main study areas for future artists are artistic fundamentals, painting, drawing and graphics, sculpture (sculpture, installations, spatial conception), media arts and fine arts and ceramics. The objective of studies in Fine Arts is the development of an independent artistic identity. Studying qualifies students to implement their own artistic/creative ideas, to assess the quality of their works, to put them in a theorectically relevant context and to present them accordingly. Within the framework of the Bachelor’s programme fundamentals, they develop practical, theoretical and creative abilities. In projects outside the university they make their creative approaches tangible with regard to possible forms of presentation. The studies are to enable them to formualte their own positions and reactions. Accompanying this specialised training students are made aware of the operating system “art” also in relation to its social relevance.

Teaching Staff

PROF.IN DR. KERSTIN ABRAHAM Fine Arts and Ceramics


PROF. BKH GUTMANN Artistic Fundamentals


PROF. PIOTR NATHAN Free Drawing and Print Graphics

PROF. ELISABETH WAGNER Sculpture The field of Film/Time-Based Media with PROF. STEPHAN SACHS is interdisciplinary and subordinated to the Centre for Media.  The field of study also offer a Master’s degree.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (B. F. A.) Master of Fine Arts (M. F. A.) PhD