From 20 to 23 July, the annual exhibition “Einblick / Ausblick” is celebrated

It is a lavish celebration full of art and design: for the annual exhibition Einblick / Ausblick, the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts opens its doors from Thursday, 20 to Sunday, 23 July. On these days, studios, workshops, lecture halls and workrooms will be transformed into an exhibition of around 10,000 square metres: for four days, visitors can gain an insight into the artistic work of students of free art, art for teaching at grammar schools, communication and industrial design as well as spatial strategies. The motto of this year’s Einblick / Ausblick is networking.

“The Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts is a place of culture and a place of social encounter, (...)

Help for art and design students from Ukraine

Art and design students from Ukraine are welcome at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. In order to build a creative bridge, we have enabled a fluent transition for refugee students. We are open to working out individual solutions together which are adapted to the respective situation of Ukrainian students and which allow them to continue their artistic and design work as quickly as possible. This is carried out in direct consultation with the responsible professors. The Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design welcomes the helpfulness, solidarity and participation of its students, teachers and staff.

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, the Presidential Board decided to admit students from Ukraine to the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in an unbureaucratic and simplified manner. (...)

New Students Application Procedure May 2022

Dear international applicants please note:

All international applicants have to register at Uniassist first to have their documents, diplomas and certificates checked before handing in their application documents to Muthesius directly.

The Uniassist platform is open from 25th February 2021 to 25th of April 2022 for the start of study in October 2022.

Further information on the next steps for your application at Muthesius Kunsthochschule are available on the website.

If you have any questions please use the listed contacts.


Weitere Meldungen

New release: Ephemer.

  With contributions from: Barry Bermange, Gabriele Brandstetter, Danica Darkic, Martina Dobbe, Martin Dornberg, Hinderk M. Emmrich, Daniel Fetzner, Yael Kaduri, Annette Le Fort, Angela (...)

Aktuelle Arbeiten

Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media

Experiences at universities of art and design show that an increased offer of theory or the expansion of the relevant compulsory course merely place practical design and theoretical reflection unconnectedly next to each other.
The basic idea of the Institute for Art, Design and Media Studies is the concept of a “double track”: If, on the one hand, it is about the systematic teaching of theoretical content from aesthetics, art and image history, as well as media and cultural theory, on the other hand, theoretical work and reflection is necessary, which is understood from the practice, the “matter” of design and its problems. It calls for direct cooperation between the courses and the Institute of Art, Design and Media Studies.

The general theory offered goes beyond the imparting of subject-specific knowledge, lays scientific foundations, highlights contemporary developments and debates, and examines their historical preconditions. The “practice-reflecting” theory work corresponds additionally to the implementation of joint projects with special theory offerings, furthermore the “Interdisciplinary Weeks” regularly organized by the Forum and the “Experimental Space” with lectures, seminars and projects on current topics as well as the testing of new forms of teaching such as the format of the “studio visit” with opportunity for topic-centered discussion, work discussion or theoretical short seminars at the location of the work itself.

The Institute for Art, Design and Media Studies is responsible for the fields of aesthetics, cultural and media studies as well as art history and visual cultures. The Forum is associated with it. In accordance with the respective study and examination regulations, the contents are taught via lectures, seminars and exercises as compulsory subjects in all BA and MA courses. Parts of the theory teaching can be offered in cooperation with the Christian-Albrechts-University. Furthermore, the increase of the theory part in the teaching corresponds to the general tendency of a scientification of all competences. Just as a “knowledge society” is defined to a large extent by science and technology, this also applies increasingly to design work and art. The theory offered at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts seeks to take this into account by expanding its offerings to include visual, and cultural and media studies.

Important information for art student teachers

In order that the achievements in the field of art history/art theory, which have been made at the IKDM of the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, can be entered into the examination system of the CAU, we ask the students to have a certificate issued by the respective lecturer, which shows the achievement made (title of the course, SWS, examination achievement, etc.). As long as the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts does not have access to the digital student online function (HIS-QIS), these services will be forwarded to the examination office by Prof. Dr. Beuckers ( and Martina Ide, OStR’in i.H. ( Please get in contact with them.

Teaching staff

Art history and visual cultures

Cultural and media studies with a focus on philosophy

Institute of Art, Design and Media Studies: Aesthetics



Lecturer IKDM and Time Based Media

Lecturer for art analysis

IKDM, Art History

Design science and history

IKDM Doctoral Seminar




Guidelines for title page, submission and length of term papers (graded term papers; specialization) in the B.A. and Master’s programs or B.A. and M.A. teacher training programs

Citation guidelines for bachelor and master theses