Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media 1

Experience of universities for art and design shows that an increased range of theory or the extension of the relevant mandatory courses present merely practical design and theoretical reflection side by side but disconnected. The basic idea of the Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media is the concept of a “double track”: on the one hand concerning the systematic teaching of the theoretical content of aesthetics, art and graphics history as well as media and cultural theory, on the other necessitating a theoretical work and reflection which is understood from the practice of the “issue” of design and its problems. This demands direct cooperation between the study programmes and the Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media. The general range of theory goes beyond the teaching of subject-specific knowledge, it lays academic foundations, shows contemporary developments and debates and investigates their historical conditions. The “practice-reflective” theory work corresponds also to work on special projects with special theory courses, moreover the “Interdisciplinary Weeks” regularly organised by the Forum and the “Experimental Office” with its lectures, seminars and projects on current themes as well as trying out new forms of teaching such as the “studio tour” format with its opportunity to participate in theme-centred discussion, work discussion or short theoretical seminars at the workplace itself. The Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media has been assigned the programme of courses in Aesthetics. Cultural and Media Sciences as well as Art History and Visual Cultures. It is also associated wit the Forum. In accordance with the corresponding study and examination regulations, the content is taught by means of lectures, seminars and practical courses as mandatory courses in all B.A. and M.A. programmes. Parts of the theory teaching can be offered in cooperation with the  Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel. Moreover, the increase in the teaching of theory corresponds to the general tendency of an academisation of all components. The way a “knowledge society” defines itself to a great extent via science and technology is also increasingly valid for design and art work. The offer of theory at the Muthesius seeks to take account of this with the expansion of its courses in Graphic and Cultural and Media Sciences.

Teaching Staff

PROF. DR. PHIL. HABIL. CHRISTIANE KRUSE Art History and Visual Cultures
PROF. DR. PHIL. HABIL. PETRA MARIA MEYER Cultural and Media Sciences with focus on Philosophy
PROF. DR. NORBERT M. SCHMITZ Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media: Aesthetics

Other teaching staff

DR. CHRISTINE KORTE-BEUCKERS Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media,
FELIX SCHACKERT, Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media
DR. MAREN WELSCH Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media