Typography and Design

Language, its visualisation and its scenic application are at the centre of the studies of Typography at the Muthesius University.
The Bachelor’s study programme is formed by intensive work with the medium of writing and its forms of expression. The students deal with the history of writing and printing, not only in theory but also practically by trying out different methods, such as e.g. with a fine or broad nib, and also get to know and use older printing and production techniques such as hot-metal typeseting or bookbinding for their own designs. They study the dfferent forms of writing and develop a feeling for characteristics and their effect on the reception of language. In the various applications – from writing via letter paper, placards and posters, up to complex book design – the students learn to use writing and typefaces objectively. In experimentation, they investigate how far deviations or irritations can make design interesting and enrich it, and begin to develop their own themes.

In the Master’s programme with its focus of Typography and Design, working with writing techniques is intensified and at the same time more room is given to free work. The students develop projects which move within the field of classical book deisgn as well as experimental peripheral areas of design. A focal point of the stuidies is working with language. The students are encouraged not only to visualise but also to write texts themselves or to take on the role of an editor. The courses offer experiments with language, both with the voice and with texts, and look at the relations between them. Not only the semantic but also the corporeal and sensual characteristics of language and writing are utilised. Crossing the boundaries to other artistic disciplines such as literature, music, theatre, fashion or film can become a source of new themes and design ideas.

The focal point of Typography at the Muthesius University has been headed by  Prof. André Heers und Prof.in Annette le Fort since 2009. It is formed by close cooperation with the lyrical poet Prof. Oswald Egger, who is professor for Language and Form in Communication Design, with the Dutch designer Albert-Jan Pool, who offers typeface design in both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes and the Institute for the Science of Art, Design and Media, the theoretical centre of the university. Additional workshops of international designers and artists such as e.g. the Dutch artist group “De Geuzen”, the Danish book artist Kasper Andreasen or the Italian composer Alessandro Bosetti, open up the studies and provide important impulses. An important location is also the symposium Dialogue of Writing, which is held every two years in Kiel and to which international designer, artists and theoreticians are invited.

The talks are accompanied by an exhibition of typographical works.


Prof. André Heers
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Prof.in Annette le Fort
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Typeface Design

True to the motto “letters originate in writing”, the students acquire via practical exercises in writing and drawing the basic knowledge of form, function and the history of the development of the Latin writing system. In addition, texts (calligraphy), lettering, alphabets and sign systems are designed. It is important to discover, develop and visualise the design principles of letter forms. These are based on the understanding of form established in writing and on free experimentation. Typical works that arise here are writing sheets, lettering, logos, posters and digital typefaces. Elaboration can also be tailored to the type of work, such as in the form of a modular system, an animation or a template. The history and classification of scripts and typefaces are taught both theoretically through lectures and in the form of practical exercises. If students wish, they can design, digitise and produce their own typeface or typeface family. Focus is set individually and can be, for example, in the ​​concept for a specific application, the development of different styles, alternative letters, decorative letters, icons, symbols and (OpenType) programming.

From an organisational point of view, the typeface design courses belong to the Department of Typography and Book Design. The courses are open to students of all departments and degree courses. Collaboration with the various workshops of the Muthesius University takes place depending on the orientation of the projects. For example, in cooperation with Ms. Katharina Jesdinsky (lithography workshop), the so-called litho-lettering course is offered. Optionally, independent work with focus on “script or typeface” can be designed and worked out, if necessary, also interdisciplinary. If a student wishes to deal with the theoretical aspects of typeface design, they can do a presentation or write an obligatory term paper on typeface design in consultation with the Institute for the Science of Art and Media. In such cases, the teaching staff supervises the factual content. If a typeface is designed as part of the Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, it makes sense to choose a closely related topic for the theoretical work. Here, the staff also supervises the factual content.


Phillip Neumeyer
Type design BA and MA

Martin Wunderlich
Typeface Design Digital (BA and MA)
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Prof. André Heers
Typeface Design BA Thesis and MA Thesis
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