Christiane Kruse | Birgit Meyer | Anne-Marie Korte (EDS.) – Taking Offense

Taking Offense

Religion, Art, and Visual Culture in Plural Configurations

With contributions by:

Nika Spalinger | Norbert M. Schmitz | Simon O’Meara | Monica Juneja | Maruška Svašek | Tania Becker |
Jürgen Wasim Frembgen | Asif Jehangir | Jojada Verrips | Christoph Baumgartner | Christiane Kruse | Birgit Meyer | Anne-Marie Korte

2018.383 pages, 64 b/w & 9 col. fig., french paperback € 49,90
ISBN 978-3-7705-6345-6
series: dynamis

What makes a picture offensive to some people and not to others? In diverse, pluralistic societies around the world, images are triggering heated controversy as never before. Their study offers a perfect entry point into the clashes between different values, (...)

19. April 2018 ·

Just arrived: Sensing the Ocean. A Collaboration between Art, Design and Science

“Sensing the Ocean. A Collaboration between Art, Design and Science.”

Tom Duscher, Stephan Sachs, Manfred Schulz (Editors)

“Sensing the Ocean” is based on the collaboration between the Kiel Marine Research Cluster of Excellence The Future Ocean and the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design. The book shows how artists, designers and scientists can complement each other creatively, what differentiates artistic and scientific research, and illustrates how the interplay of competence gives rise to new insights.


20. April 2017 ·

Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design, Kiel, at the Leipzig Book Fair!

For many years, the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design has been presenting its book and print art to the international audience at the Leipzig Book Fair. This year it will again be represented in the book & art segment (hall 3, booth G 301). Here, the Art Academy Kiel presents outstandingly designed printed works and special typographic book designs from the field of study »typography and book design« (Prof. Annette le Fort and Prof. André Heers). Every year the University’s booth is designed by students for the Book Fair.


20. April 2017 ·

Laundry Narratives: Reflections on Design, Laundry Practices and Sustainability

28. Juni 2016, 19:00-20:30 Uhr
Emma Dulcie Rigby, Buckinghamshire New University, UK

In this presentation I will discuss the key insights from my practice-led PhD.  Through re-examining laundry as a social practice the research develops a series of design provocations to challenge the organisation of laundry practices, and by extension the frequencies and processes in which laundry is carried out. It highlights that understanding laundry as a social practice opens a space to reconceptualise design, laundry behaviour and sustainability. This provides an alternative lens from which to view and develop design theories and practice for sustainability in fashion.


26. May 2016 ·

Designing the Social-Material: Idea, Process and Challenge

Seravalli Lecture

Design for Social Innovation, Transformation Design or Transition Design are emerging design practice, research and study. In spite of the differences in the name, philosophy and mode of operation, they share the same ambition of applying design competence to co-create a more sustainable way of living. Thereby they expand the subject matter of design beyond the material to include the social. If traditional design creates new artefacts for particular social context, be it at work, at home, or in school; then these emerging practices are aimed to create alternative ways or conditions of working, living and learning with the support of new material and digital artefacts.

In Wintersemester 2015/16, we intend to look more closely at designing that reconfigures the social as well as the material in transdisciplinary codesign research and practice. (...)

26. October 2015 ·

“Research Practice Dialogue” – Guest Lecture Series

“Research” and “Practice” were arguably the most important words in academic design discourse in the last 20 years. These were spoken often in
the context of developing design research at the University. Currently there are a number of models established: Research Through Design,
Practice-Led/Based Research, Project-Grounded Research, and Constructive Research. They all share the ideas that designing is a form of inquiry
which has its own particular methods that should be capitalized. Secondly, they see that designing should form a (major) part of design research and
should generate trustworthy knowledge to serve and renew practice.

In SS 2015, we intend to look more closely at designing that engages with specialised scientific knowledge or emerging technology in the context of
interdisciplinary research and development. (...)

5. May 2015 ·

What If There Were No Centre of Gravity? – Reflections on Decentralisation and Nonconformism

Of course I can’t write about flowers and beads and birds and trees. And lovers in the park and all of that stuff n dem. But what the use to write about them something dem, when you sit late in the park at night and a man comes and shoots you and take your woman and rape her. What the use to write about flowers, when the pollution will wither it up! You have to write about the reality or the different. You have to write about South Africa and the youths in the ghetto. You have to write about the England. You have to write about all these things.    Mutabaruka, Intro to Check It

Mutabaruka’s statement could stand as an epitome of the work we do at SAVVY Contemporary and my curatorial practice in general. (...)

21. April 2015 ·

In Focus

The main goal of the Muthesius University in Kiel is to promote art, design and spatial strategies via research and development projects as a focal point for work and intellectual debates. As the only art university in the State of Schleswig-Holstein, the Muthesius is not only a place to develop culturally relevant biographies but with its project studies also a place of particular experimentation and realisation.
 To a certain extent, the profile of the Master’s programme represents study courses and development possibilities for students unique in the Federal Republic of Germany.

“At the centre of the Muthesius University’s focus is art and design, the creative and productive. Around this centre there revolves the fundamental relationship between theory and practice. (...)

23. February 2015 ·

fernweh / International Office


International Students

International Students are welcome to apply to the Muthesius – please note that you also have to register at uni-assist and that a German language certificate DSH2 or TestDaF4x4 is required.

Exchange Students

Please contact your home university’s international office for further information and support. The Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design holds a range of bilateral agreements with European partner universities in the framework of ERASMUS and we are open to new agreements on behalf of student mobility. More details can be found on the left – please click on Exchange.

Paths abroad

Studying abroad or an internship offers the possibility, to experience work and everyday life in an international context, an increasingly important aspect in the professions of the future. The most used aspect of our work is the ERASMUS programme, however Fulbright and der DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) also offer respected and highly paid schalorships for teaching staff, researchers and students. When searching for further grant/scholarhsip offers, the Internet portals such as DAAD Scholarship Database and mystipendium can be very useful.

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Das Lifelong Learning Programme ERASMUS, one of the largest, most successful stories of the European Union, has promoted the international mobility of students, teaching staff and personnel in Europe since 1987. So far, around 2 million students and approx. 200,000 teaching staff have managed a stay abroad via the programme. The Muthesius has held an ERASMUS University Charter (EUC) since 2007 and thus fulfils all the conditions for participation in the programme. Via the Erasmus policy statement the Muthesius University is obligated to network with universities and institute within Europe. The support rates are graded according to country for one academic year. The following partner univeristies exist within the framework of the EU programme Erasmus+ 2014-2020:

BelgienAntwerpenAntwerpen Belgien St Luca University College of Art & DesignFK, KoDe
Gent Sint-Lucas Hoogeschool voor Beeldende KunstFK, KoDe, Raum
BulgarienSofiaNational Academy of ArtFK, KoDe, Raum
DänemarkKopenhagenRoyal Danish Academy of ArtKoDe, IDe, Raum
EnglandNorwich Norwich University of the ArtsFK, KoDe
NottinghamNottingham Trent UniversityFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
SalfordUniversity of SalfordKoDe, IDe, Raum
FinnlandHelsinki Kuvataideakatemia Finish Academy of Fine ArtsFK, KoDe, Raum
Aalto UniversityBA: Fine Arts/Keramik
VaasaNovia YrkeshögskolanFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
FrankreichAngersÉcole Supérieure de beaux-artsFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
BrestÉcole Européenne Supérieur d´Art de BretagneFK, KoDe, IDe
Caen/CherbourgÉcole supérieure d´arts & médiasFK
NantesÉcole supérieur des beaux-artsFK, KoDe
ParisÉcole de CondéIDe, KoDe, Raum
RennesÉcole Européenne Supérieur d´Art de BretagneFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
St. EtienneÉcole Supérieure d`Art et Design FK, KoDe
ValenceL´ESAD Grenoble-ValenceFK, KoDe
IrlandDublinNational College of Art and DesignFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum - nur SoSe
IslandReykjavik Listaháskóli ÍslandsFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
ItalienBresciaLibera Accademia di belle Arti BresciaFK, KoDe, Raum, ID
RomAccademia di belle arti di RomaFK, KoDe, Raum
KroatienSplitSveuciliste University of SplitFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
LitauenVilniusVilnius Academy of ArtsFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
VilniusCollege of DesignBA Raum, KoDe auch Foto und Fashion
NorwegenTromsøThe Arctic University of NorwayMA: FK
NiederlandeDelftTU DelftMA: medical
Den HaagRoyal Academy of ArtBA: FK, KoDe, Raum
EindhovenDesign Academy EindhovenKoDo, ID
GroningenAcademie MinervaFK, KoDe- nur WS
MaastrichtAcademie Beeldende KunstenFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
NorwegenBergenKunst- og designhögskolenFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
OsloOslo National Academy of the ArtsFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
ÖsterreichLinzkunst universität linz
FK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
WienAkademie der Bildenden Künste WienFK
PolenDanzigAkademia Sztuk Pieknych w GdanskuFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
Poznan Poznan University of ArtsFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
StettinAkademia Sztuki w SzczecinieFK, KoDe, Raum
PortugalLissabonFaculdade de Belas-Arts da Universidade de LisboaFK, KoDe, IDe
PortoFaculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do PortoFK, KoDe
RumänienBukarestUniversitatea Nationala de Arte din BucurestiFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
RusslandSt. PetersburgStieglitz State Academy of Art & Design RusslandFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
SchwedenUmeåUmeå UniversityMA: IDe, FK
SchweizBaselHochschule für Gestaltung und KunstKoDe, IDe
BernHochschule der KünsteFK, KoDe
SlowakeiBratislavaAcademy of Fine Arts and Design (VSVU)KoDe, ID, Textil, Glas, Metall
SpanienAlmería Escuela de arte de AlmeriaFine Art/Visual Art & Design BA+MA
BarcelonaUniversitat de BarcelonaFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
Escola MassanaKoDe, IDe, Raum
LogronoESDIR La RiojaFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
de Compostella
Escola de Arte e Superior de DeseñoBA ID
SevillaUniversidad de SevillaFK
ZamoraEscuela de Arte y Superior de Diseno de ZamoraFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
TschechienPrag Academy of Fine Arts in PragueFK
TürkeiAnkaraBaskent ÜniversitesiFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
IstanbulMimar Sinan Fine Arts UniversityFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum
UngarnBudapestUniversity of applied sciencesFK, KoDe, IDe
PécsUniversity of Pécs- Faculty of Music and Visual ArtsFK, KoDe, IDe, Raum

Worldwide Network

National Institute of Design in Ahmadebad IndienNational Institute of Design in Ahmadebad
Holon Institute of Technology in Holon IsraelHolon Institute of Technology
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in
Jerusalem Israel
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem
South China Normal University inGuangdong-Guangzhou, ChinaSouth China Normal University in Guangdong-Guangzhou
Tongji University College of Design and Innovation Volksrepublik ChinaTongji University College of Design and Innovation Volksrepublik China
Academy of Fine Arts and Design (VSVUAcademy of Fine Arts and Design (VSVU)


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