Digital Study Planner

There are two digital platforms at the Muthesius with which studying can be more easily organised. One of them is INCOM and is a communication platform which provides a digital supplement to studying. Here, students can work in teams, and make materials or ideas available to others. It is a protected space for which students have to acquire access data. More details can be obtained in the individual courses which take place in term time.


The second digital aid is the digital course catalogue, the information database of which is maintained by the teaching staff itself.  Here it is possible to create a study plan, save it after logging in and reload it if necessary. The study planner functions simply according to the time of the course/event. If it is missing, the course is shown below the plan. Please ask your professor/teacher at the beginning of the term to update the information as soon as changes have been made so they an be added to the overview.

Digitales Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Other small aids

We are currently developing this application as a smartphone app, however until this has been completed, we can recommend a few other “digital aids”: for iOs and Android there is the, which can be used to call up the menu plan of 297 refrectories, including of course the refrectories of the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein, which runs the Muthesius refrectory. Another app, “Campus”, provides information about job offers, a city map and accommodation offers.