In order to assess your artisitic and design talent we request a portfolio of your work. This is valid for all study courses and for all applicants to a Bachelor’s or Master’s study programme.

The Procedure

This prodecure to assess artistic and design aptitude begins for Bachelor students with the punctual submission of the portfolio and all relevant application documents. Some weeks later the selected candidates receive an invitation to the practical aptitude examination at the Muthesius University. Applicants for acceptance to the Master’s programme apply with a portfolio and also with all relevant application documents. There follows an interview. All individual works are graded. Permission to study is awarded to applicants who have passed all components of the test procedure and has achieved a grade average of at least satisfactory. Applicants without an Abitur (university entrance qualification ) require an average of better than ‘2.0’. Foreign students also need to apply with their certificates via

Questions can be answered by:
Maud Zieschang
T 0431 / 5198 – 501, E

Sophie Schultz
Student Secretariat
T 0431 / 5198 – 414,
Legienstraße 35, Administration Bulding, 1st Floor
Mon-Thur 10:00 – 12:00 hrs and 13:30 – 15:00 hrs

Questions about Changing Institutions?

Fine Arts Bachelor’s degree

Prof. BHK Gutmann
T 0431 / 5198 – 454, E

Fine Arts Master’s Degree

Prof. Arnold Dreyblatt
T 0431 / 5198 – 437, E

Communication Design Bachelor’s Degree

Prof. Markus Huber
T 0431 / 5198 – 485, E

Communication Design Master’s Degree Silke Juchter
T 0431 / 5198 – 462, E

Spatial Strategies Bachelor’s + Master’s Degrees

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Breda
T 0431 / 5198 – 403, E

Industrial Design Bachelor’s Degree Dr. Bettina Möllring
T 0431 / 5198 – 427, E

Industrial Design Master’s Degree

Prof. Frank Jacob 
T 0431 / 5198 – 475, E
Prof. Detlef Rhein
T 0431 / 5198 – 430, E