Sculpture comprises all three-dimensional artistic work which is cast, formed, screwed, cut or stuck together and defines itself in a particular relation to its surroundings. This spatial relation governs the difference of that which can be “sculpture” and reflects itself in the terms of “sculpture/installation/spatial conception”. If in the last few decades studies were geared towards a limiting, most possibly original, profiled position, guided by the idea of an autonomous work of art, studying today has become in the first instance a personal field of experimentation. We are concerned with using free spaces, testing ourselves as widely and variedly as possible, exploring the relationship between media and genres and setting new parameters. A lot is developed in teamwork, in collective work in twos, three or in a group. Exhibiting within the framework of studies has become an essential “format” of artistic research and presentation. In exhibition, the research laboratory is transfered to the experimental stage. Researching follows a rather unsystematic, associative process, a being driven between discard, selection, re-assembly, failure, doubt and discovery. Seeing and observing is at the centre.

Everyday Studies

Independent practical work forms the centre of studies. For this, excellent workspaces are available in the new studios in Knooper Weg and in the workshop in Arfrade. Exhibition projects inside and outside the Muthesius enrich the students’ space of experience and effect. Our head of the workshop Johannes Michler accompanies and supports the technical side of things. Regular talks take place. They can be individual or in groups and offer the chance for discussion, reflection, criticism and argumentation. Talks with colleagues, students and with invited guests complement this essential training. The centre of studies is however one’s own work and the professional search for what art can be. (Text: Prof. Elisabeth Wagner) Sculpting ( Sculpture / Installation / Spatial Conception) has its own blog in the Internet which it uses to present ts students and their works. It can be worth taking a look. To the blog (in German)