Visualisation of Science

Multimedial Visualisations of Science are playing an increasingly central role. They offer not only a basis for the transfer of knowledge but form the framework for the acquisition of knowledge. While the possibilitiess of advanced medial sensualisation in the sciences have been long neglected, there is a particular area of expertise is to be found in art and design. For many years now, the Muthesius University has successfully sought after the creative solutions particularly in visual- and communication-specific and scenographic issues in the field of the visualisation of science. In addition to Professors Tom Duscher, Stephan Sachs and Manfred Schulz, two academic staff are employed in this field of research: the sociologist Sebastian W. Hoggenmüller and information and motion designer Michel Magens investigate innovative, medial sensualisation possibilities and their theoretical reflection.


Prof. Tom Duscher
Interactive Media
T 0431 / 5198 – 478, E
Sebastian Hoggenmüller, Scientific Researcher
Michel Magens, Artistic Researcher