Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication/Verbal Design in the basic courses “Verbal Communication 1” and “Verbal Communication 2” provide the fundamental plannning and conceptional skills for Bacherlor students. Both basic courses build one from one another and in the third term run together with the courses in Conception & Design: the verbal design is translated into typography and images have to be found so that convincing text-image relationships are created. Strategic Communication comprises all the fields of cultural, social and economic communication and in addition to the theoretical fundamentals deals with language as an instrument in Communication Design. In the main projects from the fourth term onwards, the expansion of verbal and visuall sign systems is probed further so that new and surprising implemenation possibilities are created. The projects deal with the discourse on social reality and the possibilities which the use of mass comunication signify for a designer. Of course, students can also complete their Bachelor’s degrees in the fields of Strategic Communication, and Conception and Design. In the Master’s studies following, students can inprove and intensify their skills in the especially founded Project Office and develop them further in applied and artistic fields.


Prof. Wolfgang Sasse
0431 / 5198 – 457, E