The annual exhibition “Einblick Ausblick”, Opening on July 15th

The annual exhibition of the Muthesius University of Art also takes place in the Corona year, but its concept is by far the most unusual insight of the art school. This is made possible by ONLINESTREAMING and around 50 locations in the Kiel area, which the student planning team was able to gain as a cooperation partner. They give the students the opportunity to exhibit and present their work from the fields of communication design, fine art, industrial design and spatial strategies. There are stations from Gaarden to Holtenau and around the art college. There is an information station at the university itself.

The students not only want to avoid large crowds of people on campus, (...)

13. July 2020 ·

Muthesius Society

As a support organisation, according to its statute, the Muthesius Society supports student projects and exhibitions such as e.g. the annual exhibition of the Muthesius University, student seminar work and selected publications and thereby helps to inform the public about the work of the university and its students. With their voluntary work, since 1966, the members have been involved in promoting the interests and development of the Muthesius University.

Board of Directors

Muthesius Gesellschaft 2020

The new board of directors in 2020 with the former chairperson Rainer Kraatz (2nd f.t. left) and further to see: Anja Kühn, Wolfgang Zeigerer, Birgit Rapior, Torsten Meyer, Dr. Arne Zerbst, Dr. Peter Thurmann

Wolfgang Zeigerer / 1st Chairperson

Birgit Rapior / 2nd Chairperson (executive) Press Officer Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel

Anja Kühn / Board of Directors Finances communication designer schmolzeundkühn, Kiel

Torsten Meyer-Bogya Designer at meyerbogya gestaltung, Kiel

Dr. Arne Zerbst President of the Muthesius Kunsthochschule, Kiel

Dr. Peter Thurmann Artistic Director and Curator, Kiel

Advisory Committee

Renate Burmeister Dr. Theresa Georgen
Daniela Mett
Dr. Bernd Brandes-Druba
Ursula Schmitz-Bünder
Ulrich Horstmann
Thomas Judisch

Honorary Members

Dr. Martin Henatsch, Art and public office, Curator, Mainz
Prof. Bernhard Schwichtenberg
Klaus Gärtner


Maike Brzakala
T 0431 / 5198 – 463, E